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Bowling Tips With Alex Romanowsky

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Alex Romanowsky is our resident bowling pro at Roxy Ann Lanes. In our first edition of Bowling Tips with Alex, we watch and learn what sorts of things go into picking up the 10-pin (or the 7-pin, if you are left handed). For more information on this and other common bowling questions, contact Alex at […]

Bowling Tips: Proper Setup

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Whether you are new to bowling or trying to fine tune your game,  no doubt you might find this tip helpful. If you are right handed, stand at the approach and put the ball into your left hand. You want to hold the ball in your left hand so the weight of the ball is […]

Bowling Tips: Picking Up the 10 Pin

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If you find yourself consistently leaving the 10 Pin, here are some things you might want to consider: you could be in the wrong spot and need to move to a different spot on the lane. In that case, you might try moving a board or two to the left (if you are right handed).  […]