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Bowling Tips: Proper Setup

By April 30, 2016August 28th, 2017No Comments

Whether you are new to bowling or trying to fine tune your game,  no doubt you might find this tip helpful.

If you are right handed, stand at the approach and put the ball into your left hand. You want to hold the ball in your left hand so the weight of the ball is in that hand. Hold the ball either to your stomach or on your right hip, because the ball will follow your right leg.

When you are ready to roll the ball, move it to your right hand for the swing. So, right foot, right  hand at the same time. Lift your forefinger and your middle finger into the “peace sign” or “V”. Use that “V” and aim at the second arrow from the right to keep your target line.  Then come through the shot. The video tells the story.

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