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Bowling Tips: Picking Up the 10 Pin

By February 9, 2016May 13th, 2017No Comments

If you find yourself consistently leaving the 10 Pin, here are some things you might want to consider: you could be in the wrong spot and need to move to a different spot on the lane. In that case, you might try moving a board or two to the left (if you are right handed).  Or, you might be using the wrong ball. You might need to increase your ball speed as the ball is moving too slowly toward the pocket. All these are worth exploring.

Some people use more than one ball, especially when it comes to the 10 pin. Some use a spare ball, which is normally a plastic ball. The plastic ball will not grab the lane and hook. All you want to do is touch the 10 pin. And the plastic ball will pretty much go in a straight line right toward the pin.

The video tells the story.

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