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Our Pro Shop is called, appropriately enough, The Bowling Store. It is hosted by Alex Romanowsky, who has been involved in the bowling and ball drilling business for over 35 years. The first thing we should say is that Alex is an accomplished bowler and his expertise is unsurpassed in our region.

bowling tips with alex

Another Bowling Tip from Alex:
Watching your ball to throw more strikes

Top PBA players and amateurs watch the ball go through the pins on every shot they throw to see how the ball reacts to the pins thus telling them about their ability to strike.

  • The Bowling StoreAs your ball enters the 1-3 pocket (right handed bowler), watch the deflection of the ball off the head pin as it goes into the 3 pin and beyond.
  • If the ball enters the pocket and goes to the right towards the 6/10 pin you may get lucky and strike but most probably you will leave a weak 10 pin or a weak 7 pin as the ball going to the right means that the ball is not strong enough to overpower the pins because either the ball itself is not strong enough or because you are playing the wrong part of the lane.
  • If your ball enters the 1-3 pocket and continues left you may leave a 4 pin, 9 pin or even a 4-9 split. The reaction that you are looking for as your ball goes through the pins is just the right amount of deflection off the 1 and 3 pin that allows your ball to go straight back through the pins splitting the space between the 8 pin and 9 pin. When you see this reaction, you are perfectly lined up, with the right ball in your hand, to throw lots of strikes.

Alex takes pride in his workmanship and does whatever he can to make sure our bowlers are knowledgeable about the newest innovations in the sport of bowling. His primary goal is to assist bowlers in improving their games while providing the best pricing available in our region.

We are very excited to have Alex at Roxy Ann Lanes! Services…. Ball Drilling, Names Engraved, Finger Inserts…and Much More!