R oxy Ann Lanes may be closing its doors, but its community impact will endure years to come. We are deeply saddened to announce the closure of Roxy Ann Lanes in Medford, Oregon after 50 years of dedicated service to the community. This iconic establishment has been a beloved destination for families, friends, and bowling enthusiasts, and its closure marks the end of an era.

The decision to close Roxy Ann Lanes was not made lightly, and was ultimately decided due to structural issues to the barrel roof over the lanes. Despite the best efforts of the dedicated staff and management, the financial realities could not be overcome. The necessary repairs have required the permanent closure of the bowling alley portion of the building. However, there is a silver lining here to pay homage to the legacy of Roxy Ann Lanes. The previously renovated portion of the Roxy Ann Lanes building that houses Open Frame Bar & Grill is sound and will continue operations shortly to serve the community. Please look forward to continuing to support this
iconic landmark and community destination at the bar and grill.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to the loyal patrons, hardworking staff, and supportive community that have been a part of Roxy Ann Lanes’ story.  Media contact coquille@skdknick.com

When is the official last day of the bowling at Roxy Ann Lanes?

Sadly that day has come and gone, we are currently closed.

What are my options if I have a Roxy Ann Lanes Gift Card?

We want to ensure all guests that you will be taken care of. You may choose to either utilize the gift card at Open Frame Bar & Grill when it reopens or be refunded your money. If you choose to be refunded, you will do so at the Open Frame Bar & Grill.

What happens if I had a party booked at Roxy Ann Lanes?

All deposits for party reservation have been refunded. Our event team is currently reaching out to every one.

What will happen to the iconic sign out front and internal memorabilia?

All of the external and internal memorabilia will be inventoried and repurposed on the campus to continue to pay homage to Roxy Ann Lanes for years to come.

What if I have personal items still currently at Roxy Ann Lanes?

If you currently still have items to retrieve from lockers or otherwise, you may pick up your personal property at Open Frame Bar & Grill. If you had bowling items in repair at the pro shop, please call Paul Lewicki, Affordable Ball Drilling, at (916) 719-4406

I joined a summer league and paid into the prize fund. Will I get refunded?

Yes, all leagues signups will be contacted to be redistributed their investment.

I heard the Bowling Alley is becoming a Casino, is that true?

Unrelated to the closure of the Roxy Ann Lanes, the Coquille Tribe is waiting for the Acting Deputy Secretary to authorize the publication of the completed Final Environmental Review Statement (FEIS) in the Federal Register. Our fee-to-trust application includes plans for renovating and modernizing the building, but we cannot move forward while the Department of Interior sits on the Final Environmental Impact Statement. It’s absurd that we are still waiting on that FEIS over a decade after our initial application.

Even if your full renovation isn’t possible, can you conduct basic repairs so the bowling alley can still open?

Unfortunately not – the Department’s delay has denied us both the revenue necessary as well as the regulatory certainty needed to move forward with such a project. However, repairs were made to allow the Open Frame bar and restaurant to continue operations allowing us to retain as many of our team members as possible.

If Interior denies your application, will the bowling alley ever reopen?

We’re not able to make that determination at this time – what is clear, however, is that the Department’s delay has denied both the revenue as well as the regulatory certainty that would allow for our renovation plans to move forward. Please note that our restaurant at the site will continue with operations.

The building was a bowling alley when you purchased it, not a casino. Does this mean you were never willing to own a bowling alley unless it could be a site for gaming?

We’re proud of the numerous businesses the Tribe owns and develops in our service area, including for entertainment and hospitality in Medford. Our gaming application has not changed our continued commitment and investment in other properties. We know the significance Roxy Ann Lanes has had in our community and we have plans to revive and modernize the experience once the federal process is completed.