The Basics of Bowling ala Roxy Ann Lanes

There are two reasons people bowl. One is to have fun, the other is because it’s a popular sport. No matter what, bowling centers are well known as gathering places for friends, family and sports enthusiasts.  While on a bowling adventure, you can eat, drink and play pool or enjoy video/arcade games.

In many bowling centers, including Roxy Ann Lanes, the adults have access to a sports bar where they can enjoy adult drinks and watch football, baseball and other professional games on wide screen TVs. At Roxy Ann Lanes, the Open Frame Sports Bar & Grill has its own entrance and provides a sports-oriented atmosphere that compliments the bowling center experience.

You don’t have to be good at bowling to enjoy it. A group of amateurs can have a lot of fun even if their top score is under 100. And bowling centers are great for children’s birthday parties, including the really young ones who require bumper guards so they can at least score a few points.  At Roxy Ann Lanes, the birthday girl or boy gets to go home with an official bowling pin with their name and date written on it, plus the signatures of everyone who attended the party.

Bowling is a way for families to have fun together. Many bowling centers offer discounts on certain days in order to serve families on a budget. For example, Roxy Ann Lanes bowling center in Medford, Oregon, has Dollar Day$ in the summer in which people can bowl for $1 a game with a $1 for rental shoes plus hot dogs and French Fries for a $1 each.

Bowling centers usually have league bowlers. These are the regulars – the ones who play it for sport and for the social aspect of it. In most leagues, bowlers have a handicap to ensure fair play. There are several teams of four who compete with one another weekly, and often times with other bowling centers. Roxy Ann Lanes has leagues for all different ages, including  Reno Leagues that travel to the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno for their final matches of the summer.

Roxy Ann Lanes is a family-friendly bowling center in Southern Oregon. To learn more, visit or you can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. For more information about our bowling center in Medford, or The Open Frame Sports Bar & Grill – an All-American restaurant in the Rogue Valley, you can call 541-772-7171.

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