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Finding the Right Bowling Ball

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The Importance of Ball Fit and Weight Most bowling professionals and coaches agree that the weight and fit of a bowling ball are important if you want to bowl your best. In fact, the purchase of the right bowling ball is considered one of the sport’s fundamentals. Like most other bowling centers, Roxy Ann Lanes […]

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Is Bowling Good Exercise?

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Have you ever wondered if bowling is good exercise? Even with all the cool air blowing inside bowling centers year-round, people who bowl often sweat. And many have sore muscles the day after they have enjoyed playing the sport with friends, family and in leagues. In other words, they appear to be burning calories and […]

The Basics of Bowling ala Roxy Ann Lanes

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There are two reasons people bowl. One is to have fun, the other is because it’s a popular sport. No matter what, bowling centers are well known as gathering places for friends, family and sports enthusiasts.  While on a bowling adventure, you can eat, drink and play pool or enjoy video/arcade games. In many bowling […]