Roxy Ann Lanes: The Family-Friendly Bowling Center in Southern Oregon

What does it mean when we say that Roxy Ann Lanes is a family-friendly bowling and entertainment center in Southern Oregon?  It means that we focus on creating a safe and upbeat atmosphere where people of all ages can relax and have fun!  In fact, our slogan is “Where Everyone Knows Your Name” because we like seeing familiar faces and really want to get to know the people who walk through our doors.

We have mindfully set out to establish a family feeling at Roxy Ann Lanes so that our guests will get a sense that they belong. We concentrate on our primary goal, which is to make certain everyone has an awesome experience in a high quality, clean and safe place.

At Roxy Ann Lanes, we love watching the little ones pick up a bowling ball for the first time and wait as it slowly rolls down the lane and knocks some pins down. It’s exciting when young people join a league and we see them improve week after week. And there’s nothing better than watching them become young adults and continue to bowl in one of our leagues at Roxy Ann Lanes.

We make it fun for the adults too with our many leagues, including our summer Grand Sierra Reno Leagues in which a group of bowlers from Roxy Ann Lanes pack their bags and head to Nevada for a luxurious weekend in August. Plus, we have The Pac12 Network, the NFL Network, Red Zone and Sunday Ticket where you can watch sports while enjoying a tasty meal in our Open Frame Sports Bar & Grill.

We can’t count the number of families who have given their kids a birthday party at Roxy Ann Lanes. It’s our pleasure to accommodate them, and to give the birthday boy or girl their very own bowling pin. We get great feedback from the parents and we also get to see the fun happening right before our eyes.

So we are proud to call ourselves the family-friendly bowling center in Medford where “Everybody Knows Your Name.” Come join the fun and the Roxy Ann Lanes family at 2375 South Pacific Highway, or call us at 541-772-7171.

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