Is Bowling Good Exercise?

Have you ever wondered if bowling is good exercise? Even with all the cool air blowing inside bowling centers year-round, people who bowl often sweat. And many have sore muscles the day after they have enjoyed playing the sport with friends, family and in leagues. In other words, they appear to be burning calories and working off the pounds.bowling balls and bowling in Medford, Oregon

Most people wouldn’t think of bowling to lose weight. They bowl for fun, for entertainment and to socialize with others that also enjoy the sport. At Roxy Ann Lanes bowling center in Southern Oregon, we have never heard anyone say that they came to  undergo an exercise routine or to burn a certain number of calories. And yet, people do burn a significant number of calories when they bowl on a regular basis.

The following information related to calories burned while bowling is from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, which is the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

The journal breaks down the number of calories burned while bowling by the weight of the person. Find your weight and see how many calories you burn every time you bowl for one hour. (These are approximate numbers):

  • 130 pounds: 177 calories
  • 155 pounds: 211 calories
  • 180 pounds: 245 calories
  • 205 pounds: 279 calories

With these figures in mind, it’s obvious that the person who bowls once or twice a year can’t expect to lose weight by bowling. However, those who bowl several times a week over many years can expect that the sport they love may help them to reduce weight and to keep it off. (That is, if they stay away from the food and drinks.)

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