Grand Sierra Reno League at Roxy Ann Lanes

Every August, a group of bowlers from Roxy Ann Lanes pack their bags and head to Reno, Nevada for a weekend of fun. The members of this enthusiastic Grand Sierra Reno League enjoy the amenities of the Grand Sierra Resort and the benefits of its 50-lane, state-of-the-art bowling center.

It’s all about convenience, with the bowling center and the hotel in one place. Bowlers don’t have to carry their balls far – just from their rooms to the lanes. Plus, league bowlers from Roxy Ann Lanes are allowed scheduled practice times and squad times in preparation for the tournament.

In between tournament times, the Roxy Ann Lanes team can dine at the resort’s many restaurants, and be entertained at the Grand Sierra Resort’s cinema multiplex and 40,000 square foot video arcade.

The winners of the tournament are paid in gaming chips and enjoy bragging rights during the Roxy Ann Lanes after-party.

To learn more about the Grand Sierra Reno League at Roxy Ann Lanes, visit or call 541-772-8181.


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