Finding the Right Bowling Ball

The Importance of Ball Fit and Weight

Most bowling professionals and coaches agree that the weight and fit of a bowling ball are important if you want to bowl your best. In fact, the purchase of the right bowling ball is considered one of the sport’s fundamentals.

Like most other bowling centers, Roxy Ann Lanes in Southern Oregon provides many rows of bowling balls for visitors – from lightweight balls that kids can use, to heavier balls suitable for stronger men and women.  But it’s not just the weight of the ball that matters. It is also how the holes are drilled in the bowling ball – they need to fit the size of your fingers and be placed in the right spots.

It can sometimes take bowlers several minutes to find the ball that is right for them from the bowling center’s rack. But if you enjoy bowling and do it on a regular basis, you would be wise to talk with the resident pro about purchasing and customizing your own bowling ball.

The younger the bowler, the more important the weight of the ball. While some youth may decide to bowl using a 10 pound ball, this may not be the best choice since that ball can weigh up to 10% of their body weight. This would be equivalent to a 200-pound man using a 20-pound ball, and that just won’t happen.

At the other end of the spectrum are senior bowlers who might want to consider using a lighter ball in their older age. It has been proven that the lighter weight is easier on the body, and generates more speed. Long-term bowlers who decide to lighten their ball might also discover that they can improve their spin.

No matter what age you are, our resident bowling pro, Alex Romanowsky knows how to fit you with the right bowling ball for your size, your weight and your fingers. In fact, he’s been drilling bowling balls for more than 35 years. You’ll find him in the Bowling Store inside Roxy Ann Lanes in Medford, or you can call him at 541-772-7171.

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